Thursday, June 30, 2011

China Glaze LOL

Hello there!

Good news- my summer class is OVER!!! You know what that means!?!? Do ya? DO YA?! It means I'll FINALLY have more time to do some more blogging =D! HOORAAAAY! I know you guys are so excited you just can't stand it, right =P? Haha =P Any celebrate, I did a mani with one of my newest beauties, China Glaze LOL. I was absolutely thrilled to find this one and I didn't have to buy it for a million dollars off of Ebay, cool right? never know what awesome pretties are waiting for you at local salons, give it a try =]! Here are the lovely pictures!

The bottle is deceiving, let me tell you...when I first brought this out into the sun and it didn't show me rainbows, I was quite sad. I even thought I had bought a fake!

There are those rainbows coming out to play =]!

DOUBLE RAINBOW...what does this mean?!?!
(I really hope all of you have seen that youtube video...seriously hilarious!)

Close up =]

Once again, the blurry picture shows the holo-ness the best!

Whooooole mani!

Final Verdict- This deep purple, almost grape soda colored holo was a BEAUTY! These pictures are without a top coat (due to my prior top coat experiment with Sexagon), but I ended up adding one afterwards and I got it to last me a solid 3-4 days. The application wasn't bad, but as most of you know, holographics tend to drag quite a bit. That being said, I was able to fix it easily by dotting on a little glob of polish and smoothing it out with the brush. I loved that this holo was reeeeally linear and clear. Scattered holos are nice too, but this is my first true linear holo polish. I love it! What do you guys think? Do any of you have other favorites from the OMG collection?


P.S.- If you guys haven't seen this need to. Now. Enjoy =]
Courtesy of Hungrybear9562 =]

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  1. I love LOL - it's one of my favourites :D HA HA HA also love the double rainbow reference!!

  2. WTF what is that dude smoking about the rainbows lol.....I mean wow...I would be excited too. But god damn!

    Yea and your mani is pretty :D. I don't have any from that collection. Why do they take away the pretty ones?

  3. Claire-
    LOL is amazing! And so are DOUBLE RAINBOWS! =P

    I know...the dude is on crack or something =P.

    Thanks, I just love this color! They really do make it hard to get your hands on any of the really super pretty colors! I was downright flabbergasted (yes, its a word) when I came across this one!

  4. I love the holo's and rainbows!!! Love your blog, it really looks great!


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