Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too Faced NEW Smokey Eye Palette!

Hi Lovelies!

I am a seriously huge fan of Too Faced Cosmetics, and when I learned that they came out with a brand new smokey eye palette for Fall, I was THRILLED! I've had my eye on this palette for a while now, and I was so happy when I was able to track it down at my local Ulta the other day! I just HAD to swatch this baby for you all, the colors are absolutely beautiful =] Here are the piccys =]

Picture of the packaging, super cute, right =]?

Just look at these pretty colors! I love them =]!

Swatches over Too Faced First Base from left to right:
Firefly, Cloves, Up in Smoke, White Lie, Nice Ash, Smokin Hot, In a Flash, Smoking Jacket, Smolder

I wiped a single time with one finger through the colors to see how easily blended they are...I'd say they blend really well! These shadows had been on my arm at least five minutes (probably longer) before I did this, so it's not like they were super freshly applied and not completely set yet.

Final Verdict- One word- LOVE. These colors are gorgeous, super pigmented, and easily blended which is GREAT for smokey eyes! Also, this palette comes with three cards to show you how to create either a day, classic, or fashion look. One of the most popular eye palettes is Too Faced's Natural Eye Palette, and think this one might be yet another one of those must-haves! It costs $36 and you can find it at Ulta, Sephora, or online at!


*This product was purchased by myself and was NOT sent to me for review*

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  1. i love these Too Faced palettes. I have the Natural, Naked, and Romantic palette. They are GREAT for traveling too. :) This one looks really nice, i love the colors! Please do your makeup with this palette and show us!!

  2. Ohh this is pretty looking! The colours are perfect for smoky eyes and they look like really good quality:)

  3. Thanks, ladies! Keep checking back...I will post some of the looks from this palette very VERY soon =] I hope you all love it as much as I do =]! really is great for traveling, I just got back from Las Vegas tonight and I took this palette and my natural eye palette, they worked out great =]!


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