Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zoya Jordana with Silver Sparkles!

Hi Pretties!

Did you all take advantage of the recent Zoya promo? I sure did, and my three pretty polishes just arrived at my house the other day! I wanted to give one a try, so I picked Jordana, a medium pink with a touch of peachy-pink shimmer. Let me just say I've been waiting to get my hands on a polish like this one for quite a while now. I couldn't ever find a medium pink I was happy with...but I looooooove this one! It's decently opaque, bright but not neon, not overly sparkly, and it's completely girly! I also wanted to play with some L.A. Colors striping polishes I bought at the dollar store, so I did a basic silver sparkly sunburst design on my ring finger =] Take a lookie!

This polish played nice during application =] I didn't make a total mess like I normally do =]!

If you enlarge this one, you can kind of see that touch of shimmer I was talking about =]

Whole Mani!

Final Verdict- I'm so happy I finally found a super cute medium pink! I'm really loving everything about this polish, from the shimmer to the beautiful application. It has decent opacity (this was three coats), too! Just a heads up...don't apply to thick with this one, because I did that on one of my thumbs and it never completely dried...I smudged it a bit after I took pictures =P. I count that as my fault, not Jordana's =P! Let me know what you ladies ordered in the Zoya promo =]!


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  1. I hope my order comes tomorrow. I ordered Posh, Savita, and Veruschuka(all mattes). This is a great color!

  2. Oooh I ordered Savita too, she's GORGEOUS! I think I'm going to put her on next...but then again, I can never make up my mind =P

  3. Reminds me of tinkerbell!! So delicate!!

  4. Jossie, I LOVE that you said that =]!!! Tinkerbell is one of my all time fav's!!!


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