Thursday, October 6, 2011

Disney Princess Nail Polish!?!?! WHAAAAT!?!?!

Oh. My. Good. Golly. GOSH.

There are no words.....just....look.....

A polish for every Disney Princess! I've been DYING for a polish collection like this!

From L to R-
Mulan: Light pink creme, very cute =]
Jasmine: Slightly-metallic teal
Snow White: Red micro-glitter (I think this is more of a top coat)
Cinderella: Holo micro-glitter (DEFINITELY a topcoat, but pretty =]!)
Aurora: Hot pink with noticeable blue shimmer....duochrome alert =]!

From L to R (excluding Aurora)-
Ariel: Mermaid-y blue with lots of shimmer (the shimmer is a little greenish in the light)
Rapunzel: Red-based purple matte shimmer. The finish is similar to Zoya Mattes or OPI Suedes.
Belle: Interesting deep copper/bronze shimmer
Tiana: Seafoam green/light blue iridescent color
Pocahontas: Purpley bronze shimmer 

Look at the adorable sketches on the back =]!

Here it is, the Disney Princess Nail Polish Collection from the Disney Princess Designer Collection. These are AMAZING!!! I LOVE the colors and packaging, but most of all I love how each polish is based on a princess! Some make more sense than others, but a lot of them have to do with their stories. For example, Aurora (Pink with blue flash) refers back to the part of her story where the fairies were fighting over a pink or blue dress for her. I just love these so much! I haven't swatched all of them yet, but I'll be sure to power through these soon so you can see what they all look like. I bought mine at the Disney Store for $24.50 at my local mall, so if you have one nearby, run....don't get some for yourself (I've heard their going fast)! They're mini bottles (.2 fl. oz.), but you get 10 really nice colors so I think it's worth it =]! I know many of your favorite Disney characters are within this collection from my giveaway question (the one where I asked who you would want to be), so I bet a bunch of you are loving this as much as I am =]! you all know who MY favorite princess is =]? Brownie points to whoever guesses =P


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  1. <3 these!! Hmmmm is Belle your fave?

  2. Wow, you got it! Belle is my all time favotie =]! Brownie points to you, Melissa!

  3. They are all cool!
    I wonder if in France we have them, but I believe we don't..
    Really too bad )=
    I'd say, Ariel!

  4. Oh my gosh, I need these. Belle is my favorite too :-)

  5. I wish I had a Disney store in my area, because I'd definitely get these. I'd have to say my favorite Princess is Jasmine. I watched Aladdin a lot as a kid :)

  6. Can't wait for the swatches. These look AWESOME!

  7. I have these and I love them!!!


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