Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Jolly & Joy Holiday Collection Review!

Hi Pretties =]!

I hope your weekend has been absolutely amazing! Today I have swatches from the new holiday collection from Dr.'s Remedy- Jolly & Joy Holiday 2011. This collection consists of 5 new and BEAUTIFUL colors that are perfect for this holiday season- 3 shimmers and 2 glitters. Let's get on to these swatches, I know you guys will LOVE them =]

This first one is appropriately named ESSENTIAL Emerald. I used 2 coats for this swatch, although I might have been able to get away with one if I was careful, it's really opaque! I would describe it as an extremely pretty minty-emerald with a hint of shimmer. I don't own any greens like this one, but I wonder is OPI Jade is the New Black could be a dupe? I think this one is a little brighter and minty-colored than JITNB, but either way, I am LOVING it!

Next, we have PASSION Purple, a berry-like purple with a slight silvery shimmer. I used 2 coats and got perfect coverage; this one is also pretty opaque. If you are a purple fan, I think this color is right up your alley =]! The shimmer is very soft, but you can definitely see it in the right light.

There's that shimmer coming out to play =]! Flash used!

Here we have 2 coats of a nice Christmassy red with shimmer called REVIVE Ruby Red. Dr.'s Remedy says this is a Wizard of Oz inspired red, how fun! If it was just a bit more sparkly, it would be just like Dorthy's  ruby red slippers =] In my swatch, you can see more brush strokes than normal because I believe I have a wonky brush...Dr.'s Remedy brushes are normally just fine, but this one was extra thin for some reason. I bet I just got an uh-oh brush, so no biggie =P

Flash used!

The first of the two glitters is called RESOLUTION Red Glitter, although I don't think its a red glitter at all =P! It seems like more of a pale, rosey pink glitter with a few red glitters mixed in. Nonetheless, this is a super pretty and opaque glitter, I only needed 2 coats. Like any glitter, there was a gritty feel without a top coat, but that doesn't bother me much. This color is really nice! Btw...Please excuse the slight messiness with the glitter guys know how it is when you use and take off gets EVERYWHERE =P

With flash, you can see the color the best =]

I saved my favorite for last, 2 coats of SERENE Silver Glitter. This is a unique silver glitter because it has red and silver micro glitters all mixed in, but it seems to be tinted blue! I LOVE this one! Its kind of like a party in a bottle =P There are no more words...just look...

OOOOOHHHHHHH! Make this one bigger =]! Flash used!

Final Verdict- Dr.'s Remedy has made an AMAZING holiday collection! I think this is my favorite collection of theirs yet. I can totally see myself wearing these come closer to the holidays! As always, the formulas are great. The colors are opaque, gorgeous, and some are like nothing I've ever seen before.  You can purchase the glitters for $14 and the shimmers for $17 at Also, be sure to like their Facebook page here.

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*The product in this review was sent to me by Dr.'s Remedy in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.* 

I found out about this great deal, wanted to share =]!

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  1. These are so beautiful, I ♥ Serene Silver Glitter! I'm hoping to get these soon! :D

  2. This collection is really pretty!


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