Friday, January 20, 2012

Dry Brush Technique Variation!

Hey there =]!

It's my Birthday weekend, hooray =]! My birthday mani will be SO cute...I'm excited to show you guys =]! In the mean time, I came up with a cool variation of my dry brush technique using a flat brush! Instead of adding squiggles or only covering part of the nail, I went straight and my strokes covered the entire nail. It might sound weird...but I think the end result is pretty neat! I used Zoya Kristen as the base color and topped it with Dr.'s Remedy NOBLE Navy! Check it out!

I think this still looks smoky like my other dry brush manis, but in a different way. What do you think of this variation? Would you like to see this again with different colors?
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  1. That technique looks great and is super easy! :)

  2. That is a really neat technique, I so need to try this!

  3. I just got Kristen. I want to try this!

  4. Love this! I need to get some brushes. Where did you get yours?

  5. Sara, I got my brushes from Born Pretty Store =] and thank you, everyone =]!

  6. I love this variation! Looks go great :)


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