Saturday, January 28, 2012

HITS Cutie Pie and Birthday Pictures!

Hey Lovelies!

Today I have an AMAZING swatch for you of one of my new Llarowe goodies, HITS Cutie Pie =]! This is SUCH an awesome multichromatic's primarily green/turquoise in the light, but it shifts to purple, royal blue, pink, and even copper! This is 2 coats of Wet N Wild Black Creme with 1 coat of Cutie Pie. I did my very best to take perfect pictures for you guys...but please understand that it's sometimes difficult to capture all of the colors in a polish that has so many different colors in so many different lights! Btw, I went ahead and told you what lighting was used for each picture...I had to change a lot to get the colors to shift =P The stupid AZ sun picked YESTERDAY as one of it's 3 annual days not to come I apologize, but the pictures had to be taken when it was cloudy =/ I think they still looked nice though =]! Take a look =]!

Outside, no flash

Outside with flash

Outside, no flash

Outside, flash

Outside, no flash

Inside (desk lamp), flash

Inside (desk lamp), no flash

Inside (desk lamp), no flash. You get to see the pink flash here =]!

Inside (desk lamp), no flash

Wooooooah nelly! There are a LOT of colors going on in this baby! I LOVE it! I've heard somewhere that this is a potential dupe for Ozotic 505, but I don't have it to compare unfortunately. If you are interested in this or some other awesome international brands, go ahead and check out Llarowe! I love that site! You can expect to see this again, I think I've added a new favorite to my long list of all time favs =P! Btw...wanna see my birthday presents =]? Here's what my awesome family and boyfriend got for me =]!

At the casino...wooo! No, I didn't actually waste all that money, it was just for the picture =P

My mom got me something I've wanted FOREVER, a Tiffany Bow Necklace =D! I LOOOOVE it =D!

Nail Poliiiiiiiish! Brandon got me these two pretties, OPI Significant Other Color and OPI Swinsuit...Nailed it! =]

Brandon also got me something SO thoughtful! This is a complete DVD set of my favorite classic Disney character cartoons, Goofy =]! Apparently this is quite a collectible set (only 125,000 were made I believe!), so it's worth a lot. It's worth even more to me, though =]!

And finally, my sister Mandi got me this ADORABLE bow ring! Can you tell I have a thing for bows =P? I LOOOOVE this so much, it'll go nicely with my bow necklace =]!

I had such a great birthday, and thank you all for the well wishes =]! Until next time!


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  1. It does look similar to Ozotic 505-- gorgeous colour! And that ring is totally adorable!

  2. that hits polish is gorgeous! I need to place an order a Llarowe soon :) and your necklace and ring are so cute. Bows are the best

  3. That's so cute that your boyfriend got you "Significant Other" :)

  4. This is gorgeous!!! I love how you can see both colors of the duochrome at the same time.

  5. That polish is sooo beautiful! You got some great goodies for your birthday, glad it was a good one for you! =]

  6. those are some awesome presents!!:] yay! and I LOVE that polish, you really got all the colors really well


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