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Blogger Spotlight- Sammy of The Nailasaurus!


Happy Leap Day, everyone! Did you do anything special or silly to commemorate the day? I didn't....I had school and I'm fighting a nasty bug! Hooowever, I did get a little bit of nail mail today (courtesy of the boyfriend since I'm on a Lent no-buy!) and that cheered me up =] Even though I missed it last week (sorry about that!), it's time for another round of...

This week, I am SO excited to introduce Miss Sammy of The Nailasaurus! I love her blog for so many reasons...she has PERFECT pictures, she creates absolutely beautiful nail art and swatches, and she has the cutest nails! My nails don't grow very fast (most of my life I've had shorties for that reason) and I love seeing what gorgeous manis she creates with her short nails! Every time I see that she has a new post I get SO excited...I love how clean, pretty, and perfect her nails are! Let's get to know Sammy better, shall we =]?

Hello! Please introduce yourself and your fabulous blog.
Hi! My name is Sammy and I write a blog called The Nailasaurus. I started my blog to showcase my own nail art after I became obsessed with it when I discovered the world of Nail Blogging.

Give us a few key words that would describe your blog/blogging style.
I think 'Pretty Brief' is a fitting description of my style. There is a big focus on the photographs and letting the polish speak for itself which is good for me because I'm not so good at the writing part! I mostly blog about nail art but I throw in swatches and reviews on occasion.

What (or who) inspired you to create a blog of your own?
My main inspiration was Melissa of The Daily Nail. It was the first nail art blog I discovered and I used to log on every day to see what amazing design she'd come up with. When I saw her using Konad Plates I knew I had to get some for myself and I obsessively searched the internet for other blogs that regularly posted nail art. From there I started doing my own nails and eventually posting them in a blog because I figured if I wanted to see more then there must be other people out there that would too.

What has been your favorite mani thus far?
Ooh, it's impossible to pick one! My top 3 would have to be the Tribal Print, Michael Kors inspired Studded Nails, and the Moustache nail art I did for Movember. I also have a really soft spot for all my Nerdy manis!

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Do you have a favorite polish brand?
It has to be W7 because the polishes are so affordable and some of my favourite ever polishes come from them. I'm on my third bottle of 'Purple Paradise'!

What is THE most beloved polish in your stash?
I'm going to go safe, and maybe boring here, but it has to be W7 Purple Paradise. As I mentioned, I'm on my third bottle of the stuff because I love it so much and always grab it without really thinking when I want a stunning mani without too much work!     

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What blogs are your favorites and what do you like about them?
There are so many blogs that I love, I wish I could list them all here but I'll narrow it down to three; Let Them Have Polish, Nail Network and Chalkboard Nails are my favourites for seeing amazing swatches and nail art ideas.

Any parting words for us =]?
Thanks so much for inviting me to answer your questions Lindsey! Happy painting everyone and always remember – practice makes perfect ;)

Thanks so much Sammy =]! Isn't she just great, everyone? Now I really want to check out W7 polishes...haha! Here are a few of my personal favorite manis...

Rainbow Fish Nails, I loved that book =]! Click here for original post! 

You better believe that I fell in love with this Disney princess mani =D Click here for original post!

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You NEED to see her blog if you haven't before! Also, if you are interested in blogging, she has several posts with a goldmine of tips. Click here to pay her a visit! See ya!


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  1. I love her work too! Thanks for the showcase!

  2. I LOVE sammy, she is definitely one of my nail art idols :)

  3. I love Sammy's blog as well. Great post!!

  4. I fell for that Disney mani too!


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