Thursday, February 9, 2012

GlitterFest Polish Swatches and Review!

Hey =]!

Oh man, I have something cool to show you today =]! I recently came across a super amazing Etsy shop that offers INCREDIBLE polishes called GlitterFest. Rachel, the polish guru of this shop, has two collections of absolutely to-die-for glitter polishes. Wanna know the best part?


*ahem* Pardon me....I felt that was completely necessary to scream at the top of my lungs. You all know how I love my Disney ;D I was absolutely thrilled to give these a try! I chose 4 GlitterFest polishes for this review...

From L to R- Fairy Godmother, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, Magic Carpet Ride, and Field Day. (the first 3 are from her Happily Ever After Disney-Inspired collection, the last one is from the All That Glitters collection).

They're INCREDIBLE in the bottle...but you simply must see them on actual nails, you'll freak out!!! 

Fairy Godmother
2 coats
"A sheer pink base with square silver glitter and micro fuchsia, purple, blue, green, and silver glitters. Bibbity Bobbity Boo!"

First up is the Cinderella-inspired Fairy Godmother. I LOVE opaque glitters, and this one was opaque after 2 coats...WOW this baby is DENSE! This light pink base has so many different colors and multiple shapes of glitter, I'm in love! The Fairy Godmother must have put a spell on me...hee hee =]!

Magic Carpet Ride
3 coats
"A dark blue base with larger blue and light pink glitter, along with micro fuchsia glitter throughout. A beautiful, sparkly night sky..."

Let me start by saying that I LOVE's one of my ALL TIME favorite movies! I was really looking forward to trying this one because of how much I enjoy the movie...and it didn't disappoint! I love the shimmery blue-ish purple base with all different sizes and colors of glitter ranging from small holo particles to larger purple and blue pieces. This is one GORGEOUS polish, my friends! It reminded me of the "A Whole New World" scene in the fact, it's stuck in my head right now...

 Enjoy =]


42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
2 coats
"A sheer minty green with peridot, blue, and silver glitter. Just like the sun hitting clear, tropical water."

GAH! Beautiful! This polish was inspired by the Disney-Pixar film, Finding Chico Fabio Elmo Nemo =] I have such a soft spot for minty greens, and I LOVE the touch of silver, gold, and blue glitter throughout! It's a tad on the sheer side, but it doesn't bother me in this case. I probably could have added a third coat to reach better opacity or layered it over white. I'll have to do some fun layering combos with this soon!

Field Day
2 coats over Wet N Wild Black Creme
"A clear base with ALL kinds of glitter...30+ kinds of glitter!!"

What a polish, ladies and gents! This layering polish is absolutely many shapes and colors! It took a little patience to place of the chunkier glitters, but there isn't any way around that =P The colors tend to lean toward silvery/goldish/pastel shades, but I couldn't possible name ALL the colors in this bottle; there are so many and they are CONSTANTLY changing. I just loved staring at this one, I couldn't take my eyes of it!

Um. WOW. Hats off to you, Rachel, for making these gorgeous, unique, glittery polishes! The formulas on these were really nice, too! I do have one complaint though...I NEEEEEED full sized bottles! Currently, these gorgeous shades are only sold in mini bottles (5 ml). I sure hope she introduces bigger bottles soon because I'm scared I will run out of these, haha! The advantage to a smaller bottle, though, is a smaller price. These babies only cost $4.00 per bottle plus shipping...not too shabby! 

Get on over to GlitterFest and check out her other gorgeous shades! Click here to visit the shop. Also, she has a Facebook it here! Let me know which ones you guys decide to won't be sorry =]!


*The products in this review were provided by GlitterFest at a discounted price in exchange for my own, honest opinion*

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  1. These look amazing! Running to check out her Etsy shop right now :D

  2. Love! Those are gorgeous! I love Magic Carpet Ride! I think it is the most unique one!

  3. Ugh. Too many amazing ladies with polishes for sale on Etsy! I'm going to go BROKE buying all the lovely things. Thanks for these swatches :)

  4. Oh noes. More Disney polish? NEED.
    I LOVE the Nemo one.

  5. Oh Wow!! These are gorgeous! I will have to try some!! I really like Magic Carpet Ride!!

  6. I especially like the magic carpet. :)

  7. OOoohhh, that Magic Carpet Ride is nice! Field Day looks awesome too! But, your nails are just stunning - I'm pretty sure that you could rock axle grease!

    1. Haha thanks Steve, I appreciate that =]!!!

  8. I saw her page a few days ago and I totally want the Disney glitters! Not only are the colors beautiful, but I love the names.

  9. 42 wallaby way sydney is AMAAAZZZZZINNNNGGGGG!!!! I need it in my life. I love the names!

  10. I absolutely LOVE these! I sent GlitterFest a message on etsy awhile ago, I hope she's okay because it's been awhile!

    1. Oh no! I spoke with Rachel just yesterday, so I think she's fine. Maybe you could try sending her another message in case it was accidentally overlooked?

  11. Magic Carpet Ride & 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney looks great! I'm lemming them now! :)

  12. Magic Carpet Ride is really pretty!!

  13. Disney collection?! Ahh! Gotta have it!!


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