Friday, November 30, 2012

Galaxy Mani - My First Attempt!

Hey there!

I absolutely love the look of galaxy nails. I've adored them from afar for over a year, too afraid to try them myself because I thought they would be super difficult. However, this allllll changed last night! I was wearing a solid mani of Layla Softouch Effect Turquoise Splash and was trying to decide what nail art to do over the top. After some internal struggle, reasoning, and even trying to come up with excuses, I decided it was finally time to give galaxy nails a try! I used this tutorial from Coewless (the creator of the galaxy drip mani), it was quite helpful. I went for a similar blue/green look; on top of the previously mentioned Layla, I used Zoya Song, GOSH Blue Balloon, Dr.'s Remedy ESSENTIAL Emerald, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Essie Where's My Chauffeur?, and SinfulColors Snow Me White. Take a look at what I've created, I hope you like it!

Not bad for a first attempt in my opinion! I was extremely happy with the happy that I added even more special details over the top! You'll see what I mean in another post later today ;] Let's just say it was inspired by the galaxy drip mani, but I definitely haven't seen anyone try it before. You won't want to miss out =]!

See you later!


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  1. LOVE THESE! They really are fantastic!! I was afraid to try them too until I had a challenge day to do them so I HAD to lol! And your right they really aren't as hard as they look. Yours are gorgeous tho!! :D

  2. wow!
    honestly, the best galaxy nails i ve ever seen!

  3. I love that you did a blue/green take on the galaxy mani! <3

  4. Love the colors you chose for this galaxy!

  5. They look great! They DO NOT look like you have never done Galaxy Nails before! Lovelovelove.

  6. Wow, you did an awesome job, especially for a first attempt!! Looks gorgeous :)

  7. Holy moly, this is gorgeous!! I really love the colors your chose! Just GORGEOUS!!

  8. These really are beautiful. I love the colours you chose!


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