Sunday, November 11, 2012

NCLA The Glitz Collection Swatches + Review

Hey friends!

Whew, I've had a busy, busy weekend! I've had this post ready for a couple days actually, but its not until now that I've had the time (and energy) to write this post for you guys...forgive me, please! I hope you've enjoyed some rest and relaxation in my weekend absence, though =] Today, I have some incredibly glittery swatches of the NCLA Glitz Collection. CAUTION - these sparkly shades are likely to blind you with their awesomeness! Take a look!

From L to R - Miss Sunset Strip, High Above the City Lights, and Hollywood Hills Hot Number

Just a heads up, I did an experiment with these polishes on my ring finger to see if they had full opacity potential. As you'll see, some worked better than others =]

Miss Sunset Strip
1 coat over OPI Do You Lilac It?, 4 coats on ring finger
I sure love purple, ESPECIALLY glittery ones like this! Miss Sunset Strip is a grape soda purple and holographic glitter with both micro and larger hex pieces. I love so many things about it...the formula was smooth, it wasn't incredibly gritty, and it would look awesome over a variety of different base colors. I don't think I would wear this on it's own; after 4 coats, it still wasn't perfectly opaque. Still, I love this pretty purple as a layering polish and will be wearing it again soon!

High Above the City Lights
1 coat over Zoya Shelby, 4 coats on ring finger
I don't own anything similar to this rose gold reminiscent shard glitter! I love the edgy and fun vibe given by the randomly shaped pieces, but the softness of the rosey color is just beautiful. You get the best of both worlds in this polish =]! Application took a little patience (some dabbing was necessary), but it wasn't terrible. I suggest wearing a thick topcoat with this one as some of the pieces don't lie perfectly flat on the nail. As you can see, it has the ability to be mostly opaque in 4 coats, but it becomes pretty thick so I prefer it as a topper. Next, I'll have to try this over a darker shade so it really stands out =]! This particular polish is exclusive to The Glitz set and can't be purchased individually.

Hollywood Hills Hot Number
1 coat over Color Club Age of Aquarius, 3 coats on ring finger
WOOOOOW. Just WOW. This magical holographic and silver glitter REALLY makes a statement! With both small and larger pieces, it provides some serious bling. I am happy to report that I reached full opacity with just 3 coats, hooray! Application was easy peasy lemon squeezy and an even coat of topcoat smoothed out any grittiness. I can see myself wearing this stunner on New Years Eve, it's the perfect night on the town lacquer! Favorite alert!!!

Glitter collections like this one do the heart and soul good, so do yourself a favor and order this gorgeous set for yourself =]! You can purchase the trio for $39 from NCLA's website. You won't regret it! Also, check out their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, and find them on Instagram to be in the know with this fabulous, fashion forward brand!

Have an amazing day =]!


*The products in this review were sent to me by NCLA in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.* 

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  1. High Above the City Lights over Zoya Shelby looks beautiful! I love the rosey/silvery flakes on the pink.

  2. That Hot Number has got my number, it looks like Maybelline LE Gold's Night Out's silver sister, which is AMAZEBALLS also.

    You have no reason ask forgiveness, from me, I understand about having other things to do besides blog! : )

  3. Love love love all the base/topper combos you've used here! The rosy City Lights is my fav. Can you show us when you use it over a darker colour? : )

  4. I love these!! The color combos are PERFECT!!


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