Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Snow Leopard Print Nails!


Have you heard about Nail Polish Canada's Holiday Nail Art Challenge? I just had to join in the fun, I love a challenge =]! This one is similar in format to my previous nail art challenges, except it's only one post per week for the next 3 weeks. The first week's theme is all about snow, or any snow related word/concept I could portray on my nails. I literally searched through the dictionary in the "snow" section until I became inspired by Snow Leopards! You know, these gorgeous creatures...


I haven't done too many leopard manis, so I figured I should give it a shot! I used Zoya Carey, Zoya Farah, Wet N Wild Black Creme, and SinfulColors Snow Me White for this mani. You'll notice a subtle gradient underneath the spots; I wanted this to look as close to the real thing as possible. I even blended several of my own colors =]! Check out this fun, wintery look!

I'm really proud of my work with this mani! It's a little toned down compared to the bright colors I like to wear, but it was the perfect palette cleanser =] What do you think?

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Have a great day, friends!


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  1. Very cool! I love snow leopards - they're beautiful animals.

  2. Awesome, I didn't know about this challenge but I think I will participate as well! :)

  3. I love Irbis! =) I should do this nails ;-)

  4. Snow leopards are gorgeous! I wish there were more of them left...
    Your mani turned out great! It does justice to these beautiful animals.

  5. You've got a great inspiration! And represented the snow leopard so well on your nails, great work!

  6. Beautiful inspiration and a stunning manicure!

  7. Very pretty!!!
    I did something similiar a couple of months ago, but I was lazy and stamped the pattern on the nails...
    You did an amazing free hand work!

  8. mrrrrr....!!! looks so gorgeous!

    voted! :)

  9. Omg I love that gradient base you used! It's perfect!

  10. This looks amazing with the gradient! Anything leopard is a win in my book! I just did leopard nails last week and I LOVED them! So much fun :)

  11. These nails are so wild and cool! Rowr! Fantastical, I love em. Great job!

  12. This is fabulous! My eyes always find the colors very calming from the snow leopard. I just ordered a set of winter micro-fleece PJs/at home lounge set that has the top done in snow leopard print. I have a throw in SL too. They are such a beautiful animal.


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    Your blog is so cute, I loved. I'm already following. Could you follow me, please?



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