Monday, November 5, 2012

Two Birds One Store Swatches + Review!

Hey everyone!

How is your Monday going? I'm happy mine is mostly over, I had an exam today...ew. This girl is having a SERIOUS battle with Senioritus, I'm just itching to graduate! Are any of your in the same boat? May can't come soon enough. Anyways, today I have some polishes from Two Birds One Store, an indie brand with some really unique and beautiful lacquers. Let's begin!

 Queen of Shades
2 coats
Inspired by the Greek goddess Persephone, this bright red jelly is unlike anything I've ever seen! The large matte blue and purple hexes seriously stand out, yet the micro matte glitter pieces (the store description says they are salmon colored) blend in nicely. If you look closely, a lovely violet shimmer comes out to play, too! The application was very good with this one, only 2 coats for full opacity and the "fishing" for large hexes was minimal. If you're looking for a new twist on red, this might be the polish for you!

2 coats
Another red jelly base graces this review, but this time, it's a bit deeper. Inspired by the Greek goddess Circe, it contains micro red glitter, small matte white hexes and squares, along with larger red hexes. It reminds me of peppermint =]! I should have used a third coat for full opacity, it was a little sheer in places with just 2. The formula, however, went on very nicely and I didn't have any major issues. Another great variant of classic red!

Spun Sugar
2 coats
Did I mention that I love matte glitter? I really do. And if you do, too, you'll be a fan of this's ALL matte! Matte large white hexes, matte blue squares, and micro matte pink glitter look sugary and delicious in a sheer light pink base. In 3 coats, I achieved an opacity I was content with. I had trouble with the white hexes clumping together during application, so it required a little patience and perseverance on my part. The result, however, was really exciting and bright!

3 coats
BEST. NAME. EVER. This lime green and black matte micro glitter polish is WAY awesome! Any Floam lovers in the house? This is right up your alley, too! The formula was great and it had fabulous coverage with 3 even coats. Favorite alert!

These indie creations are all so unique and gorgeous, the shop has many lacquers that are different than anything I've seen before. I love that this shop offers both neon, bold colors as well as dark, mysterious shades. They have something for everyone! You can purchase these for $8 per full size bottle ($4 for minis) here.

Have an amazing day =]!


*The products in this review were sent to me by Two Birds One Store in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.* 

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  1. These are so cool! I really like Spun Sugar!

  2. I love them all, and will try to get some. They really are unique!

  3. Great polishes and great names!! It's hard to pick a favorite in this bunch!

  4. I love the unashamed girliness of Spun Sugar but my favourite has to be Intoxicating, gorrrrgeous!!

  5. Like a lot of these except for the grit factor - I have this 'thing' about gritty polish surfaces that's right up there with nails across a chalk-board!

    1. Oh and to me, Spun Sugar looks like a color blind test - those things with the colored dots that you find the letter or # in (or you don't if you are color-blind)

  6. LOVE the they've Vel-awesome raptor!!!


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