Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holographic Holidays Challenge - Merry Madness!


I'm a tad late with today's installment of the Holographic Holidays challenge, but better late than never!

Today's theme is called Merry Madness! It's inspired by the chaos and "bad-guys" of the Holidays...some literal, like the Grinch or Scrooge, and others (like my inspiration) that are a bit more abstract. My mani was inspired by Holiday consumerism, or the high priority we place on buying and sales at this time of year. Now, don't get me wrong, I love to give and receive presents just like everyone else! However, I've been thinking a lot about where my hard earned money is going lately. My church is in the middle of a great series called The Advent Conspiracy, which is all about the ugly, uber-materialistic side of Christmas. I choose to give gifts because on the first Christmas the world received the ultimate gift of Jesus, but I feel like our society has gotten a little out of control. The average American spends over $700 on gifts each year, and many of them do we really need or use? I think we could all be a bit more wise with our money, not only with saving but also donating it where it's needed most! My pastor challenged us to take the money we would spend on one gift and put it toward a charity instead, and I'd like to challenge you to do the same! Need a worthy charity to donate to? Consider World Vision's gift catalog! You can choose exactly what a family in need somewhere around the world will receive, anything from chickens to clothing to education. Let's put the focus of the Holidays back on our families and being thankful for what we have, what do you say?

I used Layla Emerald Divine, Wet n Wild Black Creme, SinfulColors Snow Me White, China Glaze Sexagon, Layla Gold Idol, and Zoya Rekha for these Merry Madness nails. Check it out!

The bow on my ring finger was inspired by TotallyCuteNails!

Do you donate to any specific charities during the Holidays (or better yet, year round)? I'd love to hear about them! 

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  1. Well done and stated. Love the holo accents.

  2. What a great mani! I love World Vision - such a great idea to provide a family with something that can help them provide for themselves!

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