Monday, July 30, 2012

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012 - Tease and Attitude!

Hi there!

Today is the piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012! You'll be seeing plenty of gorgeous swatches from bloggers all over the world featuring piCture pOlish's amazing shades, I hope you're ready =]! I am so excited to say that I was selected as one of the lucky 80 or so bloggers and I have 2 fabulous polishes to share with you today, Tease and Attitude. Let's get rollin' =]!

I just love how piCture pOlish labels their bottles! The names are right on the front and each one has a cute little description.

Another cool feature of piCture pOlish bottles are these handy dandy QR codes. Just scan these babies with your phone and it will take you directly to the website for it!

You'll notice I've done something a little different with this review...I just had to do something special in honor of Blog Fest, so I've used piCture pOlish's slogan, "Create a Scene", as inspiration. You'll see what I mean below ;D

2 coats
This beautiful berry pink jelly base packed with silver glitter is a new member of the ever popular mesh line. Opaque in only 2 coats, this polish is perfect for glam girly-girls on the go! It dried very quickly and had a great, easy-to-work-with consistency. My only complaint was that it dried to a pretty rough texture, but a couple coats of topcoat would fix that easily!

Check it dear friend Maria and I "created a scene" of our very own, inspired by (and while wearing) Tease =]!

We felt that vintage beauty captured the essence of Tease juuuust right! I'm rocking a Rosie the Riveter inspired look...We can do it ;]!

Maria went for an elegant and timeless 1940's look. Isn't she gorgeous?!

Attitude - created by Overall Beauty
3 coats
 Eeeeek! Dark purple with holo micro flakies!?!? YES. Yes a million times! This deep blue-based purple is so pretty on it's own...but those little holo pieces sure make it pop! This formula wasn't as nice as Tease; it was slightly streaky and dragged a bit, but a 3rd coat seemed to even things out. I liked that it dried with a nice shine and wasn't too bumpy from the holo particles, I find that those can be quite textured sometimes.

For our next scene, we decided to let our inner snarkiness come out to play to represent (again, while wearing) Attitude!

Rockstars ;D

There you have it! We wore, we created some awesome scenes, and we conquered =]! You can purchase these polishes, plus many other wonderful colors, from the piCture pOlish website for $9.50 each (or, click here to purchase from their Network Members). Please be sure to like their Facebook page and follow them both on Twitter and Pinterest.

Have an awesome day!


*The products in this review was sent to me by piCture pOlish in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.*

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cosmoprof North America 2012 - My Highlights!

Hi friends!

I'm sad to say this is my last Cosmoprof post...awww! This show was such a great experience for me, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with companies and fellow bloggers alike! It was a ton of fun roaming through this polish paradise with my new friends =] I can't wait until next year! Now, take a look at my highlights of this years show. Let's start off with a look at my favorite new products/collections!

Obviously, I'm still in awe of these incredible new China Glaze holos! The Hologram collection will be released Spring 2013 =] *sigh* Just gorgeous...

Color Club's In True Fashion Fall collection will be available this August/September...keep your eyes peeled, you don't want to miss out on those beautiful shimmers!

Halo Hues will also be released for August/September, hooray! 
*UPDATE* The release date for these has been pushed back, click here for more information.

Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish should be heading your way any day now =]!

Some Ruby Wing swatches.

These gorgeous Layla Softouches make my heart melt! Seriously, you need these...take my word for it.

Softouch swatches. Oooh, soft...

NCLA's Fall collection will be available in September. I can't wait for Rock Solid!

Sation's super unique and vibrant glitters made my eyes pop out of my much. pretty. Many of you were asking me where to purchase this brand, and it looks like some of them are available on their website. My local nail supply store carries them, as well. If anyone else knows where to buy Sation, please let us know in the comments below!

You can bet I'll be snagging a bottle or two of Monster Mash when Orly released this Halloween collection =]!

Now, check out these amazing people I had the privilege of meeting!

I was fortunate enough to meet the Founder, CEO, and President of Orly who also happens to be the inventor of the french manicure, Mr. Jeff Pink! This sweet man was an absolute delight! You can read his interesting story about the origin of the french manicure here.

Babila and Connie, aka the "Layla Ladies", were so much fun to be with! Never a dull moment with these two ;D They were so passionate about their brand and it was great spending some time with them =]!

I felt so honored to have my make up done by the talented Rebecca Rachael. Her incredible resume spans from TV to movies to award shows, so I knew I was in very capable hands =P! Her work is just beautiful! A big thank you to Krystal of Polish Galore for these photos =]

Seriously...ask anyone who was with me at the moment that I passed the Zoya booth and found Zoya Reyzis HERSELF standing there. I turned into a babbling, giddy mess! This wonderful women has such a passion for people and I was so lucky to have the privilege of meeting her!

I also fangirled a bit when I met Miss Barbara of Duality Cosmetics! This creative lady came up with an awesome idea where polish, a nail file, and remover soaked pads all come in one convenient container called a Nail Pak. You might remember her from the TV show Shark Tank! I sure did ;]

Here it is, the Nail Pak! All of these pieces stack on top of each other to form a slightly bigger than average bottle of nail polish.

I just had to throw in this picture of Alanna from AII Beauty's nails...they were fab =]!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, these are some of the awesome bloggers I walked the convention floor with! My friends Destany (Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom), Ria (Ria Loves Pawlish), Shelley (Polarbelle), Carly (Lacquered Lover), Yasmin (Zadidoll) and I had such a blast! I miss you girls (and all you other awesome ladies not pictured) already!

Last but not least, I attended a few cool presentations while I was there...

I learned all about a new-to-me Keratin smoothing system called Rusk. The goal of this product line isn't to straighten, but to relax frizzy hair so it's natural texture can stand out! I'll be trying some of these products on myself soon, so I'll be sure to let you know how they work for me =]

The model had half of her hair treated with Rusk and the other half was left to dry naturally. Wow!

Rusk cupcakes...mmm. These were delicious.

I also attended a social media panel featuring Krystal of Polish Galore, Patrick of Matrix Professional Haircare & Color, Megan of, and Jamie of This was very informative and I learned a lot more than I thought I would...I'm no social media expert after all, haha =P

Krystal did so great =]!

There you have it, guys! I hope you've enjoyed my Cosmoprof posts for the past week or so. I sure enjoyed sharing all this fun stuff with you! Until next year, Cosmoprof...


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cosmoprof North America 2012 - (part of) Day 2 and 3!

Hey there =]!

I have more fun Cosmoprof stuff to share with you guys today! This is going to be a BIG post, so please, prepare yourselves. You're about to see some brands you know and love as well as some new yet fabulous companies! Buckle those seat belts, because we're launching in 3...2...1...

From L.A. Girl, we can expect to see a few new boxed sets that will unleash your inner artist and trendsetter. The sets above come with 3 colors and a dotting tool so you have all the necessary pieces to create your very own dotticure!

Ombre nails are still alive and kicking, and L.A. Girl makes it easy for you to try this trend with a 6 piece polish set (5 colors and a top coat). I loved that some of these have several cremes with a single glitter for flair! Here, you see purple and blue...

But they also have a gray and neon set! Neato, right? I'm not entirely sure about the release of these, but once I find out I'll let you guys know.

I simply HAD to stop by NCLA after hearing such great things about this brand. Check out these gorgeous colors!

I was absolutely in loooove with the upcoming Fall shades, especially Rock Solid, the gray with silver glitter to the right! This set will be released September 1st.

Sort of a blurry picture =/ This glittery Holiday set even made my camera go cross-eyed from all that sparkle =P! These will be available October 1st...can't wait!

NCLA will also be offering these fabulous Nail Wraps, including some special edition designs, beginning September 1st! Honestly, I've never seen designs like these. They were so unique and beautiful!

I'm LOVING that in these packs, the colors coordinate but you can choose from several different patterns.

Barielle will be releasing this collection, Runway Fever, this Fall.

Also, New York Style will be introduced soon...I didn't get release dates for either of these collections, sorry folks =[ Sometimes, even PR people don't know =P!

I came across this new-to-me brand called Cácee. They have a HUUUGE line of lacquer, called Bfe, with many gorgeous colors and finishes. I really like their big bottles and that many of them are named after women's names (sadly, no Lindsey =[).

Cácee also has a line of Color Artist Striping Polish in a ton of different colors!

I was so happy to check out another new-to-me brand called Nicka K. These guys have it all...make up, nail polish, perfume, and even skin care products! You'll be seeing a giant post about their stuff very soon. Anyway, I shared this photo because I wanted you to see their awesome custom bottles. They fit so nicely in your hand and look so elegant!

Another new brand (and this one I'm VERY excited for!) called lacc hasn't even begun retailing yet! These vegan polishes have a specially formulated base coat that ensures them to be long lasting. Also, I think it's so cool that each of these colors is named after a year. I'm bummed there wasn't one for my birth year, but still, it's a cool idea =]

Yet another innovated brand is headed our way, ladies and gents! Acquarella is one of the only water-based nail lacquers on the market. They offer many fabulous, eye-catching colors with the safety of fewer chemicals in their formula. This polish must be applied using their products to ensure it's longevity; they have a complete system including special remover and buffers. This would be great for children, those sensitive to fumes (this polish has a very faint scent), or cancer patients that need to be careful with chemical exposure. I'm excited to check this line out myself!

I saved one of my favorites for last...Sation! Now, I haven't actually used this brand myself, but I know many polish lovers go gaga for these colors! So how can this already be a favorite of mine if I haven't tried it? Weeeeell I'm extremely excited about some upcoming HAVE to see these, you'll understand what I mean ;D

First up, Little Horse on the Prairie will be available for Fall very soon. Cute colors, but this isn't what initially grabbed my attention...

THIS is what grabbed my attention! A toooon of brand spankin' new Multi-Glitters will be released soon, and let me tell you - they. are. INCREDIBLE. I'm talking matte glitter, black and white glitter, irregular shapes, crazy color combos, the whole shabang! I took some bottle shots of particularly exciting colors, keep scrolling...

Matte black shards with pearly white hexes!

I was lucky to find a swatch of this one...WOOOOOW!

White and black micro hexes!

Sort of blurry, but matte yellow hexes with green, red, and orange thrown in, ahhhh!

A beautiful teal and silver combo =]

An amazing electric blue shard glitter with black hexes! I think some other colors were thrown in there, as well, but I'm not remembering what they were.

Deep blue base with blue and gold glitters? Yes, please. It's like the night sky in a bottle!

Yellow shards with matte black and other colored hexes...wooooah.

That was just a few of the glitters that will be released; I missed a bunch so there is still more gorgeousness to come! I am SO thrilled for those to come out! I bet you are, too =]

I told you that would be a big post! I hope you enjoyed seeing all of those pretties...stay tuned, because my Cosmoprof Highlights post is coming soon =]!

Have an awesome day!


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