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Essentials Things to Know When Choosing the Right Type Of Sod

Sod is the grass that has a small part of the soil beneath it and is held together by the root system or any material. Since sod is already prepared when you are buying, it makes it easier to put in in your compound. A fast way to raise your lawn is by installing sod in the area.

Sod gives a lawn that is healthy and good -looking thus making your home look better and of class. Sod helps in creating cooling properties that lower the surrounding temperature in your home. Sod is better for you since it starts functioning after a short time of planting. Since there are different types of grasses used in making sod, consider knowing some of the important things that can help in choosing the right type of sod.

It is important to know about the climate in your area. Depending with the area that you live in, make a point of understanding the type of climate so that you can make the right choice. With the various climatic conditions that occur in various seasons, make sure you consider which season you are in before installing the sod. For you to make the right decision when choosing lawn with regard to climatic changes in your area, look for people who can help in understanding the different climatic conditions from various websites.

Make sure you know what type of soil you have. It is essential to find out which soil is in the area you plan to install the sod. To have an accurate answer on the soil you have , consider looking for representative from the Agricultural extension whom you can send samples to and get feedback. The test will help in determining the nutrients requirements before you install the sod.

Consider the foot traffic. In most cases pets and children are always in the mood of playing, therefore consider if they will be using the yard you installing with the sod. Since kids and pets can be involved in dirtying the lawn very fast choose the sod that is resistance to foot traffic. You should look for sod that is urine resistance as your pets can urinate on the lawn at any time.

Ensure you know the exposure of sunlight available in your lawn. Ensure you know about the sunlight that penetrates in your home yard so that you can make appropriate choice. There are sods whose growth depends on bright sunlight and others don’t need it so choose the kind which is favorable with regard to your yard sunlight exposure. Consider also the cost of the sod grass. You should buy sod grass that is in line with your budget. You should not buy sod grass that is way beyond what you can afford.

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