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The Top 10 Frequently Cited OSHA Construction Violations

The existence of OSHA standards is essential as it encourages companies and workers to have safer practices in which case both parties’ benefit. Violations of the safety regulations is very expensive. The aim of this article is to outline the frequently cited OSHA violations in constructions.

One of the violations of OSHA cited in the construction is the fall protection. Areas where the violation is very prevalent include portable ladders, residential constructions, scaffolds and guard rails. Since this violation is the one that happens the most, the penalties charged for offenders are the highest.

Yet another OSHA violation that occurs a lot is the hazard communication. If an employee is exposed to chemicals that are hazardous the safety requirement is that they should have labels to that effect. Proper training must be provided to them that shows the proper and responsible manner to handle the chemicals.

In construction industry, scaffolding is a violation that is commonly cited. Some of the ways that the scaffolds are misused is when they are used as ladders. The result of this is that the workers sustained serious injuries. Safety regulations state that the scaffolds must be used under supervision alongside having the correct structure and used in the right conditions.

Respiratory protection is OSHA violation in construction that is cited frequently. Some of the areas that the safety regulations intend to protect the workers against include insufficient oxygen environments, fogs, smokes, vapors among others. Someone that has exposure to the conditions risks getting health issues.

Ladders used in construction form OSHA violations on a high frequency. The accidents that result in this case happen because the wrong ladder is used and is not inspected for parts that could be missing.

Machine guarding are considered an area where OSHA violations take place frequently. Accidents occur in this instance when there is failure to properly the safety measures.

Another violation of OSHA in the construction is the powered industrial trucks. It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that people who are operating the fork lifts or lift trucks are properly trained and competent.

Wiring and electrical methods in the construction is an area commonly cited for OSHA violations. According to safety guidelines wires are not supposed to be placed in areas that are considered hazardous.

OSHA violations have been seen in lockout or tagout in construction. This happens if hazardous energy is not controlled properly when workers are carrying out machine servicing and maintenance.

An area of OSHA in construction that has seen high incidences of violations is the electrical and general requirements. When there is installation of electrical equipment in contravention of the factory instructions, accidents do happen in this instance as the page suggests.